To change / add the information from one of your albums, visit your album.

Once in your album, click the "Edit Information" (1) to the right of your screen.


The edition of the album form will appear. You can then edit all the information in the edit form:


Like when you add an album, you can change the following information:

(1) Change permissions. You can add or remove those authorized to access your album. For more information, go to the space "The notion of permissions."

(2) Add or remove caps, that is to say, add those present in the album you share. Go to the section  "Caps" for more information.

(3) Change the name of the album.

(4) Edit or add a description for your album. This is important for your family to understand what occasion these photos were taken.

(5) Edit or add the location where the photos were taken so that your family can locate the place of taking pictures.

(6) Edit or add the date of your album to the album is added to your space chronologically history.

(7) Post your album. The album will be updated with the information you have added.