One of the great things about Famicity is you can create as many albums as you want!

To create an album, you have two options:

1. Click the "Share" button in the menu bar at the top right. Then click "Create Album". You can then choose the photos you want to add to your photo album.

2. Since your space "My history" in your tab "Albums" you will have access to a square called "Create Album".


Clicking on the square, you can choose the photos you want to add to your album. Once you've selected photos to add to your album, they will be downloaded individually. During the download, you can add the information and details about the album:


In the editing area of ​​the album, you can: (1) Add permissions. In this space, you can add those authorized to access your album. You can also add people who will not be allowed to see the album. To learn more, go into space "permissions." (2) Add caps to tag those present in the album you share. Go to the section "Caps" for more information. (3) Add the name of the album. (4) Add a description to your album. This is important for your family to understand the event or occasion these photos were taken in. (5) Add the place where the pictures were taken so that your family can locate pictures they are viewing. (6) Add the date of your album to the album is added to your space chronologically history. (7) Post your album. Your loved ones can then view, comment and like it!

During the download, you can also add descriptions to photos. Simply click on the green triangle on the right side of the photo that you want to add a description.  



The picture will turn and you can write the description of this photo. Once written, you will need to save. 


Tip: there is no size limit for photos you upload to Famicity. You can add up to 500 photos per album.