We do not have our whole family history all on our own. Each family member has a part of history (photos, documents, ...) and has something to contribute to your story. That is why we set up the tags.

The caps feature allow you to identify all persons who are present in the story or album you share.

For example, if you write a story about the last family meal, you simply tag, with a Tag, all your relatives who were present at this event.

This story will be added directly in the space of each person who has been identified. If you tagged your mother, when you go to her story area you will then see the story you just shared.

To learn how to use Tags to tag your family, follow this link: How to add tags?

Namely: in an instant, you can know if you are or not tagged! Indeed, if the "Tags" button (1) is green then you are tagged into this publication, it will appear in your Story!