On Famicity, you can write your own story and also add to those of your loved ones. So you can supplement their story with the photos you have, the memories you have, and so forth...

You have two options to add to the history of a loved one:

1. The first solution is to click the "Share" button (1) at the top right in the menu bar and then on "Write a Story" (2).


The editing window of your story will appear. In the area of "Caps" (1), start writing the name of the person you want to find.

You will see a list of your family and people in your tree with this name (2). You simply click on the name and surname of the person, to add in the "Caps" field!


The caps are a feature that allows you to specify the people in the story you write. So the story you wrote complement their space "History". To learn more, go into space "The concept of caps."

2. The second solution is to write history by going directly to their story space.

To do this, go to your tree and click on the person's box.


In the left menu, click "See her story" (1).

You will be redirected to their personal story space. You can then write a story in its space from the field "Write a story" for this purpose.