To write a story, you have two options:

1. The first is to click on the "Share" button (1) located at the top right in the menu bar.

A submenu will appear, then click on "Write a Story" (2).


2. The second is to click on the field "Write a Story" (1). You will find this field in different places: on the home page in your space "Story" as well as in space "Story" of your family.

Hint: clicking on the camera (2) you can directly select the photo you want to add to your story.


By clicking on the field or on the "Write a Story", a new window will open:


In this new window, you can:

(1) Add permissions. In this space, you can add those authorized to access your history. You will also have the option to add people who will not be allowed. For more information, go to the "The notion of permissions."

(2) Add caps in order to identify the people in the story you write. Go to the section "The concept of Caps" for more information.

(3) Write the text of your story, you can write as much text as you like. There is no limit to the number of characters.

(4) Add a title for your story.

(5) Add a location to your story so that your family can set the story you share.

(6) Add a photo to your story.

(7) Add the date of the history that it appears on the right date in your story space.