A story is a type of publication you write on Famicity to share the story of your life with your loved ones. It is in the form of text and may be accompanied by an image and it is displayed on your Famicity account.

You can find it in your "Story" area on Famicity. The goal is to have access, in a single space, to the whole story of your life in an instant so that future generations can discover all the details easily.

When you write a story, it is possible to add additional information such as a title, the date, the event and the name of the place.  This information is important for understanding your story. For example, the date will allow us to classify your posts chronologically so they can be more easily searched. 

It's not all on Famicity just from your own perspective; writing our history is collaborative. You do not just write your story, but also those of your family and of your ancestors. Share your memories and anecdotes that you have with the whole family quickly and easily! For this, you simply can Cap the relatives who are part of the story you write in order to tag them and it will appear directly in their space "Story".

Finally, each story that you share is subject to a very specific permissions system. You choose the person who is allowed to have access to your publication: your family, your friends, your cousins, anyone else you wish... 

For more information on this setup, go to the "The concept of permissions" section.